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The Insurrectionist

To further protect users against Lackacharmaphobia, and to assist with new uses of the Corona Plug after the pandemic is over, we came up with...

The Corona Plug II

The Corona Plug magically reduces the need for toilet paper during these difficult pandemic times.

The Quinoa Song

Well, nobody was going to write a song about Quinoa, so I thought I would give it a shot. . .

Beelzebug en Espanol

The Prince of Darkness visited Mike Pence during his debate with Kamala Harris and when we zoomed in on the conversation, Beelzebug could be clearly...

Mike Pence & Beelzebug

During his debate with Kamala Harris, Mike Pence was visited by Beelzebug and when we zoomed in on the conversation, this is what the lord...


A new product hits the market to combat Lackacharmaphobia, or the fear of not having enough toilet paper during the corona virus.

Mexico is Building a Wall

Mexico is building a wall to deter American tourists who want to vacation in Mexico during the Corona virus pandemic.

Sister Act

If you don’t give your sister a part in your new music video, she just might upstage you.

Home Alone with iPhone

If you ever gave your kids an iPhone and left them unsupervised, chances are you have one of these homemade videos, too.